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February 14, 2018
Third concert
Jazz for Lovers 

Songs by G. Gershwin and J. Kern

Soloist – Larisa Dolina

Tsfasman – Jazz suite

Soloist – Stanislav Chigadaev

One of the most interesting chapters of the history of music is connected with the name of the American composer and pianist George Gershwin. The formation and the peak of his creative work coincide with «the Jazz Age» – that is how the greatest American writer S. Fitzgerald called the period of 1920s-30s in the USA. This form of art had a fundamental influence on the composer, who strived to express the spirit of his time in music. Gershwin considered jazz to be folk music.

Gershwin’s work was highly valued by music critique, contemporary to the composer. One of its most outstanding representatives, W. Damrosch, wrote: «Many composers walked around jazz like a cat around the bowl with hot soup, waiting for it to cool down a little… George Gershwin… managed to do a miracle. He is a prince who took Cinderella’s hand and openly announced her to be a princess to the world, much to the rage of her envious sisters».

Five concerts of the Season Ticket «Gershwin and his time» embrace the works created by the composers of that epoch – both American and Russian. You will listen to the music of the celebrated jazz musicians Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk, songs by Jerome Kern, musical and film soundtracks by Bernstein, Loewe and Rodgers as well as unjustly forgotten works by Alexander Tsfasman…. Prominent Russian and foreign jazz performers such as singer Larisa Dolina, pianists Daniel Kramer and Stanislav Chigadaev will be the soloists in the concerts of this Season Ticket.

Third concert will present to the public a program of Gershwin’s and Kern’s songs performed by the famous singer Larisa Dolina. Jerome Kern is an author of the more than 700 songs and a number of popular operettas. His best works, especially operetta Show Boat, have become American jazz classics. The program also includes jazz suite by outstanding Soviet composer Alexander Tsfasman, one of the founders of the Soviet jazz, head of several jazz groups, such as Jazz Orchestra of the All-Union Radio.