Concert “Walks Around Paris”
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St. Petersburg Music Hall Theatre
And St. Petersburg House of Music 

Concert “Walks Around Paris”
The Northern Symphony Orchestra of the St. Petersburg Music Hall Theatre
Artistic Director and Principal Conductor  
Fabio Mastrangelo
Soloist of the St. Petersburg House of Music
Kamil Mukhametdinov (cello)

On October 13 at the Big Stage of the Music Hall Theatre the program “Walks Around Paris” will be performed. That night the listeners together with The Northern Symphony Orchestra and Opera Choir of the Music Hall Theatre with go on a small trip to the capital of France to stroll along wide boulevards and quiet streets of Paris accompanied by the beautiful music of famous French composers Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns and Gabriel Fauré, under the baton of the Artistic Director of the Music Hall Theatre Fabio Mastrangelo.

The program will open with Cello Concerto in A Minor by Saint-Saëns. Written in the second half of XIX century, the concerto quickly became world famous thanks to its amazing graceful form, ingenuity, bright arrangement, and, most importantly, its enchanting melodic richness of romantic music. The concert was tested with time. And while cello exists, this amazing work of Saint-Saëns won’t be forgotten. The concerto will be performed by a 20-year-old cellist, a soloist of the St. Petersburg House of Music, a student at the Kazan Conservatory Kamil Mukhametdinov. In spite of his young age, he has won several prizes at the international competitions, including First Prize at the International R. Gummert Competition in Kazan (2017).

In the second part of the program, Fauré’s Requiem will be performed. Fauré’s works are traditionally exquisite, delicate, and elegant. His Requiem is an intimate work, devote of any flatulence. The composer said: “I perceive death as a happy liberation, as a path leading to ultimate happiness”. Fauré finished his work with a picture of peace and serenity. The human soul sings with angels, it sings in the Heaven, where the Almighty rules, surrounded by his angels.

Kamil Mukhametdinov
Born 1996 in the city of Naberezhniye Chelny (Republic of Tatarstan). In 2014 graduated from the Middle Special Music School under the Kazan State Conservatory (Academy) named after Nazib Zhiganov. Currently he is a student at the Kazan State Conservatory (Academy).   
Prize Winner at the international competitions:          
2005 – 1st prize, 2nd Open Contest named after Sviatoslav Knushevitsky (Saratov).          
2007 –3rd prize, 11th International Contest of Musicians (Togliatti). 
2010 –2nd prize, Art Forum 1st International Contest of Young Performers (Kazan). 
2011 – 2nd prize, 2nd Open Republican Contest Named after Mstislav Rostropovich (Kazan).    
2011 – winner, Viva Music 2nd International Contest (Kazan).      
2013 – recipient of the 1st prize and special prize “For the best performance of an obligatory piece” at the 5th International Contest Named after Valery Gavrilin (Vologda)     
2013 – 1st prize, 2nd Russian National Contest of String Instruments (Kazan).       
2014 – 3rd prize in the first age category, 3rd International Music Festival Contest Named after Savely Orlov (Samara).   
2015 - 1st prize of the XVIII International festival of creative youth "Shabyt" (Kazakhstan).
2017 - 1st prize of the I International R. Gummert Competition (Kazan).     
Played with the Tatarstan Republic State Symphony Orchestra. Tatarstan Republic Special State Scholarship fellow.