Les Liaisons dangereuses
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Private life, relationships between men and women, innermost secrets and dangerous intrigues inspire and excite many people. Who surround us – insidious and jealous, sly and flirting, insincere and revengeful persons, or those who are really kind, honest, noble and in love with us? 9 characters, which combine these qualities and feelings, what leads to web of dangerous affairs and fatal bonds, will meet at the Small Stage of the St.Petersburg Music Hall Theatre.

Personages of the beau monde, such as Marquise de Merteuil, Vicomte de Valmont, de Tourvel, Cécile de Volanges and Chevalier Danceny, and other characters of the Choderlos de Laclos’ bestseller will expose their human foibles and feelings in the exclusive musical performances «Les Liaisons dangereuses». There will be a place for everything – for passion, revenge, temptation, love and unfaithfulness, which will put on rustling clothes and high-society decencies.

Refined Italian arias, quintet of musicians involved in the dangerous affairs, fine and revealing costumes, stylish sets, which include a big cage – a trap or a secret boudoir for various characters, epee fencing and passionate dances.

Young gifted St.Petersburg artists will embody images of naive men and women in love and of experienced seducers. This premiere of the Music Hall Theatre will become an exquisite pleasure for dangerous love affairs gourmets.

The performance is accompanied by music of G.F. Händel, C.W. Gluck, F.Durante, A.Caldara, G.Martini, A.Scarlatti, B.Marcello and W.A. Mozart.

Composers, early music arrangers and quintet directors – Eugenia Nemtseva and Nikolai Pogorelov.

All music scenes are to be performed on the source language.

Music Director
Fabio Mastrangelo
Vasily Zarzhetsky
Production Designer
Yulia Goltsova
Choreography Director
Anton Dorofeev
Lighting Designer
Alexei Petukhov
Fencing Director
Leonid Nechaev
Video content
Pavel Sutkovetsky
Audio engineer
Anton Barkar
Vicomte de Valmont
Constantine Kitanin, Alexander Chernyshev
Marquise de Merteuil
Maria Reshavskaya, Anna Snegova
Madame de Tourvel
Alina Egorova, Maria Elizarova
Cécile de Volanges
Olga Krasnykh, Irina Obrezkova
Chevalier Danceny
Nikolai Pogorelov, Pavel Fedorov
Madame de Volanges
Yulia Asorgina, «Golden Sofit» Prize Winner Tatiana Taranets
Madame de Rosemonde
Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, «Golden Mask» Prize Winner Elena Ternovaya
Julie, maid
Darya Kozhina, Irina Chumantyeva
Azolan, valet
Timur Dyatchik, Sergei Lenkov
Musical quintet:
Eugenia Nemtseva
Nikita Vasiliev, Svyatoslav Grinin
Victor Naumov
Oleg Kobelsky
Xenia Lizina