Premiere! Musical performance «Cipollino»
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Musical performance «Cipollino»

A performance «Cipollino» is based on a famous novel of the Italian writer and journalist Gianni Rodari.

The Italian journalist Gianni Rodari, who became famous for his fairy tales, enriched the world literature with characters known by people all over the world. Only a true dreamer could make up a story about the entire kingdom of fruit and vegetables when walking through the market! Writing a fairy tale by using his reporting talent, the author filled this story with vivid images and captivating satirical dialogues. The idea of ​​honour and justice, of responsibility for one’s own actions is revealed here in a funny and light-hearted manner.

The story about the fearless Cipollino will be shown to the Music Hall Theatre’s young spectators in the genre of musical performance. It will guide them through the Italian musical culture. The vocal and choreographic acts have been created with the use of classical and modern Italian music, which will specifically convey the spirit and character of an Italian town inhabited by vegetables and fruits.

The Cipollino performance cannot be called a play just for children. It would be more correct to say that this is a performance FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. The show is full of humour and brings forth a lot of quite adult issues, which will be easy to understand for young audience as well.

Development of the original concept of the musical performance
Development of the original concept of the musical performance
Stage director
Ilya Arkhipov
Costume designer
Stefania Yankovskaya
Artem Ivanov
Timofey Maslov
Lighting designer
Tatiana Yatsyuk
Video designer
Valeri Ivanov