Musical-visual performance «The Scarlet Flower»

On 21 April, as part of the Season Ticket «Music and Fairy Tale», a well-known musician, actor and composer Maxim Leonidov recited one of the most popular children's literature works - the beloved by all fairy tale “The Scarlet Flower” by Sergei Aksakov. The unique musical-visual performance was presented at the Big Stage of the Music Hall Theatre.

The Scarlet Flower is a story about the Beauty and the Beast and about all-conquering love. The daughter asked her merchant father to bring her the Scarlet Flower, but it turned out that the most beautiful flower was growing in the garden of the frightful beast. The father picked the flower and was compelled to send his daughter to live with this beast. The girl became attached to the monster and managed to dispel the magic witchcraft with her love.

The fairy tale was performed accompanied by The St. Petersburg Northern Sinfonia Orchestra led by the Artistic Director of the Music Hall Theatre Fabio Mastrangelo.

The renowned orchestra played excerpts from Sergei Prokofiev's music to the ballets such as Romeo and Juliet and Cinderella.

The pictures are available in the album:

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