«Events Guide»: Musical «The Picture of Dorian Gray»: Miss a moment and you’ll miss delight

On October 20 Events Guide visited the première of the horror musical «The Picture of Dorian Gray» staged by Natalia Indeykina.

Oscar Wilde wrote his famous novel “The Picture of Dorian Grey” at the end of XIX century, but even today the plot seems contemporary and all topics raised there are echoed in the world around us. The roundelay of minutely delights, sordid vices, earthy pleasures and egoism – isn’t it what we see every day? Aren’t these the sins and temptations that rule the modern society? So does time rule over great works? Our answer is adamant – NO! And Natalia Indeykina has proved it once again in her production.

The performance is well thought and harmonious. A good team of actors, who have already proved themselves in well-known performances. The transformation of the performer of the main role Alexander Chernyshev was great. The make-up helped, of course, but a drastic change occurred, too, from a shy young man to an immoral criminal. This could be felt not only in the arias, but in each movement as well.

The plot of the play is close to the original, which we liked a lot; we didn’t want to see any interpretations, because it’s impossible to say everything clearer than the author did himself.

The protagonist – Dorian Grey – is young, rich and exceptionally handsome. His looks are so attractive, that it seems mysterious. He quickly wins people by making them fall in love with him. He is young, inexperienced, talks about morality and beauty. A young man with a prosperous future that broke the moment he met Lord Henry.

 Henry is a true devil in human form. He incites young Dorian and has no limits in this. He’d just decided to run a psychological experiment on the young man, but the result turned out to be too frightening. As he propagates immediate delights, he turns Dorian into a true monster, who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in blood up to his elbows. The only good thing here is that Henry dies at the hand of the monster he has created.

 Of course, Dorian Grey tried to resist the influence of Lord Henry, but it isn’t that easy to resist temptation, especially when you hear from all directions: “Conscience and morality are shackles”. He accepts the position, where self-expression becomes the goal of life and you cannot miss a moment or you will miss delight. So, from a man in love, with beautiful features, he turns into a brutal monster, who doesn’t feel anything anymore.

Dorian Grey had committed so many horrible crimes they would have made several life-time sentences, but he didn’t face the trial even once. He got away with many things and his portrait took all his wounds. But he suffered the greatest punishment of all – the destruction of his soul, because no crime goes unpunished.

The play has 18+ rating due to several plot reasons, but I think that teenagers older than 14 would benefit from watching it, because they go through the highest phase of teenage maximalism, when you want to take everything from life at once. Because each one of us is a bit of Dorian Grey, it’s just that some of us can hide it better.

 The play teaches us that every influence is immoral, because it changes the essence of a person one way or another, and if you give in to it, you can lose yourself. Time is treasure, which cannot be turned back; it should be spent wisely, to be able to live on its dividends in old age.

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